Why vote before having all the facts?

To the Editor:

What would compel the Morrison County Board to vote to approve something before they are fully informed? Especially when the decision requires:

• Scientific expertise;

• Thorough understanding of a variety of scientific fields including: geologic, water table, soil porosity, water flow, leaching and percolation studies;

• Why would they not table a decision on the Saehrs’ permit until the results of two major comprehensive studies are available?

• The Geologic Atlas Study for Morrison County is due in August; and

• The nitrate well water study from the Department of Agriculture is due in September.

Why would the Board ignore the fact that grants and funding are available to perform the studies needed to make an informed decision about whether or not the hog barn will negatively impact the water quality of the nearby spring that feeds Pierz Fish Lake?

We request the Board reconsider its decision and undertake a thorough environmental assessment before the hog barn goes up.

A hog operation of this size could do irreparable harm to Pierz Fish Lake. — Greg J. Smith, Pierz Fish Lake property owner, Pierz