County approves application for drug court grant funding

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


A resolution in support of a county drug court was approved by the County Board Tuesday.

“A number of staff went through training in 2008, when the county was approved to be a site for drug court,” said Social Services Director Brad Vold. “The funding didn’t follow then.”

“I sit on the Corrections Board, and we hear a lot from Crow Wing and Aitkin counties about the good this program does,” said Commissioner Duane Johnson.

But drug court is not for everyone.

“Some still need to go to prison,” said County Attorney Brian Middendorf. “For others it can be very effective. It involves very intensive supervision and probation with immediate consequences.”

The county is applying for a grant which, if received, would provide two years’ funding. Drug court is a line item in the state budget, facilitating future funding.

“There is no cost at this time except for in-kind staffing costs,” Vold said.

The offices of the county attorney, social services, sheriff, court administration and community corrections are all involved in the program.


Other business coming before the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday included:

• Accepting a grant award of $2,784 to Social Services to facilitate access to a background check online site to perform searches for relatives;

• Approving a contract with Roxanne Kathrein for a four-person family foster care facility at Roxy’s House in Little Falls;

• Approving a 2013 seasonal new establishment owner license and the transfer of an on-sale and Sunday liquor license for Lance and Tonya Enneking of Rice for the Ridge Rib and Steakhouse (formerly Pine Ridge Golf Course owned by Roger and Marge Pedley);

• Approving an increase in hours from 37 to 40 for a Public Health nurse (who was already classified as full-time and receiving benefits) and filling a vacant .9 full-time equivalent (FTE) position that was vacated by a retirement;

• Approving the increase of a part-time employee to full time in the Motor Vehicle Department, due to a retirement, with the advertising for a new part-time employee;

• Approving the increase in grade for three positions in the motor vehicle department, per recommendation by the county’s personnel consultant: license technician from grade 15 to 17, license specialist from grade 16 to 18 and Department of Motor Vehicles supervisor from grade 24 to 25. “We have to look at what the staff do today versus what they did yesterday, and popular or unpopular I have to support this,” said Commissioner Jeff Jelinski;

• Approving a non-intoxicating on-sale beer license for the Randall/Cushing Lions for an Aug. 3 event;

• Approving exempt permits for Morrison County Animal  Humane Society raffle Oct. 5, at the Boomerang Bar; Roll With It raffle Oct. 1, at Rice Creek Hunting Preserve; Minnesota Deer Hunters Association raffle Sep 27, at the Falls Ballroom; Hillman Area Whitetail Management Association raffle Dec. 7, at Brothers Porky Pine Bar and Grill and a premises permit to the Lincoln Area Business Association to have pull tabs at Western Liquors (Angler’s Corner); and

• Appointing Commissioner Kevin Maurer as an ex-officio member of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board.

The next County Board meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 9 a.m. in the board room of the County Government Center.