Democrats, unions are kissing cousins

To the Editor:

Democrats and unions are “kissing cousins.” A couple of weeks ago, someone wrote to defend the unions. Every city and state that is in financial trouble has been run by Democrats and unions. Detroit is only one example.

A city or state that has been run by Republicans is surviving well — Texas and Florida, etc.

The Democrats and unions support each other at the same time trying to inform the people (uninformed voters) that they are both working hard for them, like last week’s article by Sen. Amy Klobuchar saying she wants us to be energy-independent, while at the same time she belongs to the party (DFL) that is closing coal mining, oil drilling and the pipeline.

This country was built on using coal and oil and never has this energy been cleaner. North Dakota is booming because it’s on private land and President Obama can’t shut it down.

Companies need flexibility to survive the market. Unions stop this flexibility by going on strike and thus stopping the companies of needed changes, especially when times are difficult and money is in short supply. — Charlie Bye, Little Falls