Disaster training at Camp Ripley in preparation for larger exercise in 2015

DrillCAMP RIPLEY, Minn. – The Minnesota National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters conducted a domestic training exercise this week at Camp Ripley, Little Falls,  in preparation for a larger exercise scheduled for 2015.

“This exercise was designed to establish and strengthen working relationships with our local, county or state agencies, non-governmental organizations and emergency management partners,” said Army Brig. Gen. William J. Lieder, Minnesota National Guard’s Director of the Joint Staff.

“Some of our objectives include validating roles and responsibilities, reviewing procedures and exercising communication systems,” said Lieder.  “Twelve agencies or organizations were involved in the two-day event,” he added.

“This exercise is part of a series of events leading to the Vigilant Guard exercise scheduled for September 2015,” said Lieder.  “Vigilant Guard is an all-hazard, full-scale exercise.

  • robin hensel

    Notice VIGILANT GUARD IS SEPTEMBER OF 2015…..same month and year federal.airways open to.the larger drones….reapers…predators…global hawks and more. No coincidence.

    • per89

      yeah, everything that happens, ever, is a conspiracy.