MacKissock charged with drug possession and two DWIs

Matthew John MacKissock, 30, Little Falls, was charged Aug. 2, with one felony count each of third degree possession of a controlled substance, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance and two misdemeanor counts of DWI.

A Little Falls police officer observed a vehicle with expired plates and a cracked windshield Aug. 1.

The officer knew the driver was MacKissock due to an earlier stop that same day. He had then learned MacKissock used heroin on a daily basis.

When he made the traffic stop, MacKissock’s body was shaking and appeared to be out of control. The officer believed him to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

MacKissock allegedly told the officer he ad recently smoked heroin and was also under the influence of marijuana.

During field sobriety tests, MacKissock failed to complete the walk and turn test and did not perform well on the one-leg stand. The result of the breath test came back 0.00.

Based on MacKissock’s admission and his physical condition, he was placed under arrest for suspected DWI.

When asked by the officer if there was anything in the vehicle he needed to know about, MacKissock allegedly said there was a syringe and  heroin inside the center console.

MacKissock said that since he smokes heroin and does not shoot it, the syringe containing the heroin was not his.

MacKissock was taken to St. Gabriel’s Hospital to give a blood sample and then transported to jail.

The weight of the syringe and the heroin was 3.27 grams.

If convicted, MacKissock faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine.