Motley Fairgrounds vandalized; suspects confess

On Wednesday, July 31, the Motley Police Department received a report of vandalism at the Motley Fairgrounds. Police Chief Brian Madison responded to the call.

According to witnesses, the vandalism occurred Monday, July 22. The day before, Fair Board members had been at the fairgrounds and everything was fine. Another person saw juveniles running across the highway, away from the area, that Monday.

Madison said light fixtures, boards, tables and 4-H feeding jars were broken in the sheep barn. In the cattle barn, it looked as if the perpetrators had a fire extinguisher fight with foam sprayed everywhere, with more glass jars broken.

All the windows were broken in the announcer’s booth and in the arena, the PVC pipes used to guide the horses during their performances were also broken.

Three young people have confessed to the damage and the complaint from Madison has been sent to the Morrison County Attorney’s Office for review and future charges.