Nicolas charged with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property

Samuel Cabildo Nicolas, 33, Little Falls, was charged Aug. 1, in Morrison County District Court, with one felony count each of third degree burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.

On June 12, Morrison County Sheriff’s deputies learned two storage/workshop  trailers at a gravel pit site had been burglarized and tools, which included several DeWalt drills, a DeWalt grinder and two impact wrenches as well as extension cords and other hand tools, had been taken. Each of the tools had been marked for identification by the owner.

The deputies noted dirt bike tracks and some footprints near the trailers. They learned there was a home near the gravel pit and that Nicolas, with others, were seen there working on a dirt bike the day before.

At the home, the deputies located a small dirt bike in the garage with a similar tread pattern similar to the one seen at the site of the theft.

The deputies were told by a resident that Nicolas had allegedly been at the home and had taken the dirt bike out. He was gone long enough that he had to be searched for.

The deputies received information June 13, that Nicolas had been arrested for an unrelated offense. The arresting officer had located a plastic tub containing tools with markings similar to the ones on the stolen items in a shed located on the property of the defendant’s father.

The deputies also went to Nicolas’ girlfriend’s home. She gave them permission to search her property and the officers found a pail matching the description of the one stolen from the trailers. Also found were a large number of tools whose origin was in question, but they could not be connected with a specific report of stolen items.

Company employees identified a number of the tools the deputies showed them. The value of the tools taken came to $1,083.07.

If convicted, Nicolas faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.