Scam numbers increasing; residents warned to be cautious

The Morrison County Sheriff’s office has recently received an increased number of complaints regarding scams. Residents are urged to be extremely cautious before sending any sort of money or information to anyone, even those they believe to be close friends or family.

Sheriff Michel Wetzel said several residents were contacted by someone claiming to be a grandchild in trouble in another state or country.

“The scammers are very convincing and have information that you would think at first glance, only a family member or grandchild would know,” he said.

“These folks do a tremendous amount of research and tap into numerous databases in order to get this information,” said the sheriff.

He said at least one area resident lost several thousand dollars recently to such a scam.

“Anytime a person is asking you for personal information, or asking directly for money, it should be viewed skeptically and you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement agency before releasing any information, or sending any money,” said Wetzel.