Christianity also has false prophets

To the Editor:

I’m disappointed with the way the Tea Party chose to handle their recent speaker. I must confess, when someone feels the need to hide their identity and deliver their “message” in secret, I immediately question the reasons and motives.

It would have been interesting to have heard the speaker for myself. If nothing else, I’d have been delighted to meet the citizens on the picket line.

There “is” such a thing as “radical Islam” and it represents a threat in a lot of ways. Personally, I believe that God intends our spiritual lives to be used to grow toward him and toward our better selves. Unfortunately, there is a long history of people distorting “religion” and using it for their own ends.

I doubt that Jesus of Nazareth would have approved of the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, or the folks from that “church” in Kansas that picket the funerals of soldiers. So I’d offer the notion that there is a form of “radical Christianity” that is also dangerous. In Matthew 7, verses 15-23, Jesus warns of false prophets who will speak in his name, but do not represent him. It’s a passage well worth reading and keeping in mind. — Kim Otterson, Browerville

  • robin hensel

    spot on Kim