Pierz cousins find lucky Oktoberfest medallion

Third day was the charm for Jacob Fuhrman and Alissa Girtz, winners of $500 in Pierz Bucks

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

Cousins Alissa Girtz, left, and Jacob Fuhrman, found the lucky Pierz Oktoberfest button Wednesday morning, during the annual treasure hunt. The specially-marked button was found taped underneath a bench in the dugout at what is known as the C-Squad baseball diamond near the school’s softball fields. The two will share the prize of $500 in Pierz Bucks.

“Wow” and “Oh my gosh,” were the reactions of cousins Jacob Fuhrman and Alissa Girtz when they found the specially-marked Pierz Oktoberfest medallion Wednesday.

Although the two found the medallion at about 9 a.m., they had to wait for a ride — Alissa’s mom Denise picked them up at what is known in Pierz as the C-squad baseball diamond, a diamond near the school’s softball fields.

It was there in the dugout, stuck underneath the bench with black duct tape, amidst sunflower seed hulls, that they found it.

Fuhrman, 12-year-old son of Jeff and DeAnna, lives in town and started his searches at 6 a.m. each morning, beginning with the first clue.

Girtz, 10, lives out of town a couple of miles with her parents Denise and Darren, so joined him when her mom came to town in the morning for school meetings.

For nearly 30 years, Lloyd Boeder, owner of Hartmann’s in Pierz, has welcomed the lucky finders of the Pierz Oktoberfest Medallion. This year, he welcomed Jacob Fuhrman and Alissa Girtz, and as he has for nearly 30 years, suggested they may want to share the $500 in Pierz Bucks with him.

Both young people were familiar with the baseball and softball diamonds, as Fuhrman, going into the seventh grade played baseball and Girtz, headed to fifth grade, plays softball.

Several clues made them think the medallion could be near the fields.

Denise said Wednesday’s clue that said “Four score and seven years ago, my home did not exist, with the work of many local folk, several are now in my midst,” they figured 87 years ago, there were no ball fields, and now there are several.

Fuhrman knocked on the stone structure of the dugout and said Tuesday’s clue had the word “rock” in it.

For nearly 30 years, those who find the medallion must turn it in at Hartmann’s Store, where owner Lloyd Boeder, kids them about sharing the money.

And the two will share the money, although probably not with Boeder. Just what they will spend it on hasn’t come to them just yet.

All seven clues are listed below. The key word(s) in each verse underlined with an explanation from the clue writer as to its significance in parenthesis:

Oktoberfest is here again!
The search begins at last.
As you
walk around Pierz this week, (baseball term)
I hope you have a blast.

Within the city limits
I’m hidden
safe and sound (baseball term),
I could be somewhere up above
Or someplace near the ground.

I’m waiting to be discovered,
Don’t sit there like a rock!
Time to get out and on the move,
Take a
walk around the block (block wall of dugout).

Four score and seven years ago (four scoreboards can be seen)
home did not exist (baseball term),
With the work of many local folk
Several are now in my midst.

Feet of all sizes walk by (players of different ages)
As they stroll to and fro,
are cast all around (sunflower seeds),
Though they never seem to grow.

Take advantage of your Weber grill (name on nearby shed)
While the warm weather is here.
As you know, in a few short months,
snow piles will inevitably appear (schools put snow here).

In case you’re still stumped,
Head over to
Pioneer Field One.
I’m in the
players’ resting place(under the dugout bench)
In the
shadows of the sun.