Property owners oppose resort expansion

By Mike and LoAnn Wilhelmson, Guest Columnists

A new hearing has been scheduled to address Auger’s Resort’s proposal to remove a trailer and replace it with a two story cabin more than double the size. Property owners and concerned citizens are getting the word out to encourage attendance Wednesday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Morrison County Government Center. This is the second rescheduling of the hearing which was previously set for Aug. 26. Property owners delivered flyers door-to-door to get the word out, and then, because of a county notification conflict, the county had to change the date.

The letter that the Lake Shamineau Association previously sent to its members and the Morrison County Zoning Board said: “The Board has been receiving calls and emails from members who are in opposition to the Auger’s Resort conditional use permit to build a new cabin. Last spring, the Board presented information to the Planning and Zoning Committee as well as the area commissioners regarding several environmental issues such as flooding, pumping water over the hill, damaged and flooded septic systems mixing with standing water, as well as an excessive amount of ground water seeping into the lake. All of these issues still remain and have not been addressed; therefore, the Lake Shamineau Association Board has considered the information and has decided to oppose the conditional use request.”

It is our hope that these issues are addressed and improvements be made to increase green areas, minimize impervious surfaces, adopt a drainage plan, deal with the septic tank issues and any other recommendations the county may see fit to protect our beautiful lake and surrounding areas.

It’s important that all interested parties who wish to comment show up at this hearing so their voices can be heard.

Mike and LoAnn Wilhelmson are Lake Shamineau property owners. They wrote this guest column with input from 16 other Lake Shamineau property owners.