DFL opposes special session for tax relief

To the Editor:

Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders agreed to call a special legislative session to help the disaster-stricken counties of Minnesota that will take place Monday, Sept. 9. However, there is a second disaster that Gov. Dayton and the DFL are refusing to address — the economic disaster.

Despite broad bipartisan agreement, Dayton and the DFL leadership ultimately refused to compromise, and were unable to reach agreement to repeal any of the harmful taxes on things like farm equipment repair, warehouse storage and other business-to-business taxes that are impacting hardworking Minnesotans.

Simply put, when hardworking people are hit by natural storms, state government stands ready to step up to and help. When hardworking people are hit with economic storms, the DFL leadership and Gov. Dayton turn their backs and walk away.

I have received many contacts from folks in the agricultural industry and from folks in the warehouse industry crying out for help. They are facing unprecedented new tax burdens that will force people out of work and job providers to leave Minnesota. I will continue to fight to help fix the mistakes the DFL made last session, and do everything I can to stand up for you, the hardworking Minnesota taxpayer. — Rep. Jim Newberger, R-District 15B, Becker 


  • Clifton Evans

    This misrepresents the facts. An emergency session was called for the emegency. There is time in the next regular session to address these issues before they take effect. If you can’t get your work done during regular session, stop whining and blaming someone else.

    • Rick Witte

      Yeah, Clif, nothing like a little political mythology to brighten ones day. The matter was of balancing the budget. Gov. Dayton wanted agreement on how to reconcile the difference these changes would make. The GOP only wanted agreement on repeal. Repealing the taxes would leave a hole in the budget which would have to be made up somehow. The GOP would not agree on any manner of solving this. They wanted to leave that for the regular session.