Displays are slap for U.S. veteran

To the Editor:

As a veteran and knowing the military background of Morrison County and the pride we feel for our men and women in Little Falls and the county who are in the service, I feel it’s a slap in the face to see the “God bless our troops” and a “God bless America,” on cars and trucks. Knowing these magnetic stickers are made in Taiwan, China is one slap.

The second slap comes from the flags. Perkin’s flag is “big,” can’t miss it. Used to advertise the restaurant and used to show the pride.

When they were notified of a problem, they fixed it.

But, has anyone noticed the ones in town like by the high school or across from the Lutheran Home, or on Broadway or anywhere. There are complaints of signs, but if there were fines in place for our national sign of freedom, torn up, ripped, weathered, the fines would be in the thousands.

We have men and women dying for freedoms to live the way we can. This is disheartening and a constant slap seeing this. — Michael J. Hawkins, Little Falls