Courtyard at Pierz Healy High transformed by hardworking students

Courtyard-009Pat Tax, part-time ag instructor and FFA adviser for Pierz, took these before and after photos of a project Pierz students undertook this summer. Pictured above is the “before” photo of the courtyard at the school and below — a photo of the transformed courtyard after three long and hot weekends of work. “I’m so impressed that the materials used were recycled from the front of the school before construction and the only cost the school incurred was $265 for the gravel and sand from Saehr Excavating to lay the base,” said Tax. Plants were given by students’ parents and Walmart donated the mulch and some of the potluck to feed the hungry kids. “I know each of these kids are so proud of the feedback they are receiving now,” said Tax. The sand and gravel had to be wheelbarrowed in from the parking lot as there isn’t any access to the area except from the hallways. “This is an area that really needed improvement and these kids showed what pride they have in their school by their efforts. Tuesday, the kids were recognized in front of their peers.