Peace groups to protest drones at Camp Ripley

The Little Falls Partners for Peace and the Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace will sponsor a drone protest, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15, at the main gate of Camp Ripley, the home of a $4 million drone training facility.

The group’s objective is to show support to saying “no” to drone surveillance, terror warfare and war spending.

For information and directions, visit www.brainerd or call (218) 839-2985.

  • Clifton Evans

    The tactical unarmed, unmanned aerial reconnaissance ‘drones’ used at Camp Ripley proivide a near battlefield picture which helps save US Soldiers lives. To seriously oppose “terror warfare’ would require a genuine political effort, not pointless grandstanding and harassment of soldiers serving US citizens.

    • robin hensel

      Clifton, do your research. The Shadow and Raven drones have been armed with bombs for some time.

      • Anonymous

        Why did Partners for Peace put this the same day as the Camp Ripley Open House it seems very greedy to try and overshadow an event that celebrates the community and the nearly 1000 employees at Camp Ripley with holding a demonstration.

        • robin hensel

          Why are you posting as anonymous instead of using your real name? Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace is coordinating this event. Some members of Little Falls Partners for Peace and Little Falls OCC-U-PIE will likely join them but this event is planned and sponsored by BACP. There will be members of all kinds of other peace organizations present and from all over the state. You are free to ask any of the members of the BACP

        • robin hensel

          sorry I hit the go button before finishing…you are free to ask any members from BACP their reasons for choosing this date….I will not speak for them. I will join them in their effort to highlight the horrors of war and illegal drone assassinations throughout the world.