Counterfeit $100 bill found in Motley

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

A counterfeit $100 bill was discovered at Unity Bank in Motley Monday. It was found when the machine that counts the day’s receipts kicked it out as suspect.

When that happened, the bank employees used a counterfeit money detector pen to double-check its authenticity. If the color on the bill was yellow, the bill was good. If the mark was black, and it was, the bill was deemed counterfeit.

A third test uses ultraviolet and watermark detection systems. That one also deemed the bill counterfeit.

“It was the best counterfeit $100 bill I have ever seen,” said Motley Police Chief Brian Madison. “I would have taken it.”

The bill originated in Pillager at a business which banks in Motley. It did not check the bill when it was used to purchase goods.

“I strongly suggest all businesses test every $20 bill and higher when it’s offered for payment. Twenty dollar bills are counterfeited more often than any other bill,” said Madison, who stressed someone out there is passing counterfeit $100 bills.