Bowlus woman charged with forging two checks

Emily Alvina Schultz, 27, Bowlus, was charged with two felony counts of check forgery.

On Aug. 21, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a check forgery complaint. An investigator met with the victim who said she had been on vacation and when she returned, found her checking account was overdrawn.

When the victim looked more closely at her statement, she found one check dated Aug. 7, written for $300 to Schultz and another dated Aug. 15, for $1,900 to another person.

The victim stated she did not write those checks and the investigator suspected Schultz.

The $300 check was cashed at a Little Falls bar and the owner allegedly said Schultz had cashed the check at his establishment.

The investigator contacted the person who cashed the other check. She said Schultz owed her the money, but that she didn’t know the check was forged.

According to the criminal complaint, Schultz admitted she forged the signature on the two checks and acknowledged that what she did was wrong.

If convicted, Schultz faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.