Hodgman charged with sale of drugs near school

Roger Richard Hodgman, 22, Little Falls, was charged Sept. 3 in District Court with one felony count of selling methamphetamine in a school zone.

On Dec. 13, 2012, a confidential informant was used by the Central Minnesota Violent Offenders Task Force to purchase methamphetamine from Hodgman.

The informant was seen driving to Hodgman’s residence across from Lincoln Elementary School in Little Falls. He was allegedly observed making contact with Hodgman and later leaving Hodgman’s residence.

The informant later turned over a small baggie containing a white crystal-like substance which later field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

On Aug. 30, Hodgman met with the officer at the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office  and allegedly admitted he lived on the street in question and that in December 2012 he was selling drugs from that residence.

If convicted, Hodgman faces a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison and/or a $500,000 fine.