Little Falls man charged with three counts of assault with chain saw

Derrick Joel Hulsey, 30, Little Falls, was charged Aug. 26 in the Morrison County District Court, with three felony counts of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Aug. 24, a Little Falls police officer responded to a report of an assault with a chain saw in Northeast Little Falls. When arriving at the scene, the officers encountered Hulsey, who was placed in handcuffs.

According to the criminal complaint, Hulsey was very fidgety and continually said he was high on drugs.

When officers entered the residence, they found three terrified victims hiding in the basement. The officers noticed cuts around the door knob apparently made by a chain saw and a chair which appeared to be cut by the same.

The chain saw was located in the basement and secured as evidence.

The three victims gave similar statements. They said Hulsey had been chasing his girlfriend with a knife that day. They had locked him out of the residence, however, he had been able to get back in through an unlocked window.

The victims had locked themselves in the basement when they heard the chain saw being used on the basement door. They then called 911.

Hulsey came through the basement door and went after the victims, allegedly saying he would kill them. The victims said they were able to block his attack with a garbage can and a chair.

Hulsey discontinued the assault and left.

In a taped statement, Hulsey allegedly said he had used methamphetamine that day and that he was upset with other occupants of the residence because they were also using methamphetamine and he had wanted them to quit. The chain saw was a scare tactic to get them to quit.

If convicted, Hulsey faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine.