Morrison County Sheriff’s Department, Sept. 5 – 10, 2013

Sept. 5 — A business owner in Genola, who is closing their business, reported the theft of several items.

Sept. 6 — While a vehicle was parked at a residence on Great River Road in Little Falls, someone smashed the window and stole a $40 vehicle emergency kit.

Sept. 6 — A resident on Great River Road in Little Falls reported someone had stole several bags out of the back of their vehicle.

Sept. 8 — Someone broke into a hunting shack on 50th Avenue in Swanville. Two padlocks had been broken off. Stolen items include five trail cameras, valued at $100 each; a black 12-volt marine deep cycle battery, valued at $75; a red six-gallon gas can filled with unleaded gas, valued at $45; and six green one-pound Coleman propane gas tanks, valued $30 each.

Sept. 9 — Someone broke into the money box at the Pow Wow Grounds on Nature Road in Royalton. Estimates are that $300 – $400 was taken.

Sept. 10 — A resident on Apron Road in Randall reported a theft.