VanZee sentenced to 180 days for assault

On Aug. 28, Cody Michael VanZee, 19, Hillman, was given a stay of imposition for second degree assault with a dangerous weapon by the Seventh Judicial District Court in Morrison County.

With a stay of imposition, the charges may be lowered to a misdemeanor if VanZee abides by all the stipulations placed on him during his probation.

On Oct. 13, 2012, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that VanZee had first blocked another person’s ability to leave a party held at VanZee’s residence.

VanZee was accused of trying to force the other vehicle off the road, then ramming it several times during a chase. Both vehicles eventually crashed and ended up in the ditch.

VanZee left his vehicle and both kicked the other vehicle’s headlight out and punched it. The victim was able to drive away and the chase ended.

An estimate of the damage to the victim’s vehicle came to more than $4,000.

VanZee later said he had been drinking and was upset with a statement made by the victim. He eventually admitted it was possible he had rammed the other person’s vehicle and broke the headlight.

VanZee was sentenced to 180 days in jail with credit for the one day he spent incarcerated, fined $135 and ordered to pay restitution totalling $973.20. He was placed on probation for seven years.

Dismissed against VanZee were two felony counts of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one felony count of first degree damage to property. Assistant District Attorney Todd Kosovich said the charges were dismissed because he pleaded guilty to the one count of assault.