Stalling Affordable Care Act is shameful

To the Editor:

I wanted to state that I am in agreement with the editorial comment regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from the Sept. 22 edition of the Record. It deeply saddens me that we, as a nation, must put up with the stalling and obstruction from Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. John Boehner and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

We need the ACA, in order to eliminate the discrimination that people had suffered when trying to access healthcare, whether it’s maternity care, pre-existing conditions or even mental health. It is a shameful disgrace what the GOP and Tea Party members have put the citizens of the USA through, with their discrimination campaign.

I would rather see our government shut down, in order to prevent more stalling and obstruction from the GOP and Tea Party. They have wasted far more in millions of taxpayer dollars over the past several months, with 41 useless and reprehensible repeals.

And then, to see Sen. Ted Cruz read “Green Eggs and Ham” on C-Span, just for stalling and obstruction purposes. Downright shameful. — Claudette Moran, Little Falls