Strack arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances

Tara Lynn Strack, 26, Little Falls, was charged Sept. 18 in the Morrison County District Court with one felony count of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.

On Aug. 1, a Morrison County sheriff’s officer, at a Little Falls business, walked past a vehicle with darkly tinted windows which also smelled strongly of burnt marijuana. The officer returned to his vehicle to wait for the driver to return to the car.

When the driver left the business and drove down Broadway Avenue, the officer activated the squad car’s emergency lights and stopped the vehicle. Strack was identified as the driver.

When told her car had been stopped due to the smell of marijuana, Strack denied having the drug in the car.

When exiting the vehicle, Strack grabbed her purse. The officer asked if there was anything in the purse and she said there wasn’t. But, allegedly she later said she had Vicodin in her purse and there were roaches in the ashtray.

When the officer asked about other marijuana in the car, Strack allegedly said there was, then said she must have left it at her friend’s home.

The officer searched the purse and found three plastic baggies containing numerous pills, which Strack identified as Vicodin. She allegedly said she didn’t have a prescription for the pills and that she bought them on the street.

According to the criminal complaint, three other pills were found plus a marijuana grinder.

Strack was then arrested.

The 6.5 pills were identified as 325 milligram acetaminophen and hydrocodone, a schedule III narcotic; 50.5 pills were identified as one milligram Alprazolam, a schedule IV narcotic; 1.5 pills were identified as 60 milligram morphine sulfate, a schedule II drug; two pills were determined to be four milligram Ondansetron, which is not a scheduled drug but is available by prescription only.

Strack’s criminal record indicated she was convicted of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance in Kandiyohi County in September 2007.

If convicted, Strack faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.