National Guard prepares for government shutdown

Army Lt. Col. Jon J. Lovald, Minnesota National Guard director of human resources offered an official statement as to the consequences of a U.S. government shutdown, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 1.

According to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, by law, the Department of Defense can only conduct activities designed to protect safety of life and property in the event of a lapse in appropriations.

The Minnesota National Guard began notifying military technicians Thursday that there is a potential for furloughs beginning on Oct. 1, if there is a government shutdown.  Practical management requires that the Minnesota National Guard is prepared for all contingencies, including the possibility that a lapse could occur at the end of the month.

Approximately 2,100 full-time military personnel support the activities of the Minnesota National Guard and 1,118 are technicians subject to furloughs.

“In the event of a government shutdown, it is important that the people of Minnesota know that our citizen -soldiers and -airmen remain ready to respond to state or federal emergencies,” said Lovald.

At Camp Ripley, staffs and agencies have been directed to begin notifying employees and service members of their status during a potential government shutdown. Camp Ripley will continue to support key military operations.