Banksters continue to fail America

To the Editor:

International bankers, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans and other elite bankers schemed to obtain limitless wealth, power and guarantees against financial loss by plotting the 1913 creation of a central bank in America, the Federal Reserve, deciding interest rates a key power.

Today’s Federal Reserve remains the bankster elite’s power domain, betraying America by not stopping the financial corruption leading to the 2008 Great Recession and, historically, massively failing other mandates, including controlling inflation and unemployment.

Furthermore, it recently reauthorized “quantitative easing” — printing $85 billion monthly ($4 trillion so far) to use nearly half for purchasing the toxic mortgage-backed securities, which fueled the 2007 worldwide economic meltdown, still on banks’ books.

Remaining is a horrendously consolidated banking industry, with a handful of bailed-out, “too big to fail” big banks (JP Morgan Chase, the largest) enjoying prized positions.

The Federal Reserve’s recently continued easy money, near-zero interest rate policy mainly favors and fuels the elites’ booming “casino economy” based on risk and massive borrowing for things like stock market gambling and countless big investment gimmicks, endangering the overall economy.

That’s why constantly obstructing financial-change efforts/legislation, like Dodd-Frank and escaping prosecution for crimes against humanity is easy for banksters. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls