Camp Ripley’s open house signs illegal

To the Editor:

On Sept. 2 (Labor Day weekend), I discovered and photographed two illegal Camp Ripley open house advertisement signs in the north and southbound lanes road right of way of Highway 371, close to the Camp Ripley exits.

Objects along roadways pose hazards for drivers and maintenance crews. Minnesota Statute, Section 160.2715, says it is unlawful to place any object within the limits of any state highway. Their permit requires the signs be placed back by the fence at the edge of the highway.

A Minnesota Department of Transportation official moved the signs back close to the fence where they should have been placed, after I reported the violation. It is unacceptable that the Camp Ripley staff that erected these two signs violated the state permit. Why didn’t any of the countless state troopers and Morrison County deputies that passed by these two obvious violations report this and have them removed, as state law requires.

How many other years were both of these signs erected illegally and overlooked by enforcement officials. This appears to be an abuse of power by Camp Ripley. — Robin Hensel, Little Falls

  • Rick Witte

    Robin; GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Rick Witte

    Robin, you seem to have a very narrow view of what constitutes “abuse of power”! I have no doubt that it was not some high ranking, in the know, Military official that placed the signs, but rather some rank and file employee that was simply doing as instructed.

    Did you bother to contact Camp officials and politely inform them of the mis-placement of the signs?

  • LFresident

    For the love of God, do you not have anything better to do with your life?!

    • herbdavis

      which God?

  • Mitch Rapp

    Thank goodness you were there to correct this grievous and blatant abuse of power by Camp Ripley!! I’m sure they knew full well that those signs were put up illegally, (or at least the poor privates tasked to do it did)
    And shame on the State Troopers too! Obviously keeping roadside signs up to regulation should be on the top of their priority list! At least this community has an eagle eye like yourself keeping these things straight. I would do it, but I have a job….and a life. Keep up the good work Ms. Hensel! The day I open up the record and I don’t see an article by you is the day I start loving this wonderful community I live in once again.

  • Amy Malecha Kedrowski

    I wish everyone had the time on their hands that this woman seems to, where we could all sit around and learn every law & statute known to mankind. This way, we could all also have time to nitpick every idiotic little thing, and use that information to bully everyone around us, threaten everyone with a lawsuit, and throw temper-tantrums when we don’t get our way.
    If I had to make a guess, I would bet no state troopers/MC deputies intentionally left the signs there because of the “power” of Camp Ripley; they simply had more important things to worry about or contend with. I read in the MC Record about people being charged with theft, assault, drug charges, etc. In my opinion, I would much rather have items like this being focused on, then about “big bad” Camp Ripley placing their signs too close to the road (with “Camp Ripley” probably being a technician who was told to go out and place the signs, and did so, not knowing the town crier was going to measure the distance the signs were from the road). I can’t claim to know how long those signs were posted there, but my opinion is the entire time they were there, no other passing vehicles found them as a hazard. I would think some idiot parked on the side of the road taking pictures of the aforementioned signs would be more of a hazard.
    It also sounds like when the matter was reported, the DOT immediately corrected the issue. Not everything in life is part of some big conspiracy. Normal people do normal things (like putting up signs) every day, with no malicious intent behind them. I wish other people could figure this out.

  • Guest

    On our way out to Camp Ripley that day, there was a sign on the roadway by the group that was picketing. Before you complain about Camp Ripley sign, you should take care of your own sign. Your group sign was much closer to the road than the Camp Ripley Open House sign or don’t the same laws apply to your group?

    • robin hensel

      this is simply false. When I arrived at Camp Ripley for the drone protest, Camp Ripleys open house sign was prominently displayed in front of the Camps main sign(on the road right of way across the street from the bar and gas station). I took photos. I was the first one at the protest that day.

      • Elsie Miller

        I was not referring to the sign by the main gate. It was the sign on Highway 10 just before the tank that had the protestor signed right on the road way, where Camp Ripley sign was back by the fence.

  • J. Uchiha

    Oh wow, talk about abuse…

  • robin hensel

    That was sign and I never saw it but do have some great photos of both camp.ripley illegal.signs on highway 371 right of.way over the weekend. The camp.violated their state mndot permit…….BECAUSE.THEY COULD. clearly wrong…just wrong.