Henry charged with receiving stolen property

Michael Allen Henry, 34, Little Falls, was charged Sept. 30 in the Morrison County District Court, with one felony count of receiving stolen property.

On March 15, a Little Falls Township resident called the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office to report the theft of a boat, motor and trailer, along with items from his residence. Henry was identified as a possible suspect.

On April 24, the same person reported a theft from his storage unit in Little Falls Township. Missing was an ice auger, battery charger, fishing rods, trolling motor, several pieces of stereo equipment and other items.

Officers investigated and found other units had also been broken into with items missing.

In August, an anonymous caller reported that stolen property could be located at the Henry residence in Buckman Township.

On Aug. 23, an investigator made contact with Henry’s parents and asked permission to search the property. They agreed, allegedly saying they were worried their son was using drugs and stealing to support his habit.

A search of the property located a boat, motor and trailer parked outside the garage. Inside the boat were miscellaneous items including tackle boxes and tools. A trailer with multiple items was also discovered. But it was unclear at that time if the items were stolen.

After the officer went through theft and burglary reports, he was able to determine many of the items were stolen from the victim’s residence in March and also from the victim’s storage unit in April.

On Sept. 11, the items, valued at approximately $2,205, were seized.

If convicted, Henry faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine for each count.