Little Falls man charged with possession of heroin

Dustin Joseph Maurer, 24, Little Falls, was charged Oct. 1, with one felony count each of third and fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.

On Sept. 29, a police officer in Randall observed a vehicle being driven by Maurer whose driving privileges were suspended.

The officer approached Maurer when he parked at an apartment building. The officer allegedly detected an odor of burnt marijuana.

Maurer acknowledged he did not have a driver’s license and when he went to the vehicle to retrieve proof of insurance, the officer again detected the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Maurer said others had been smoking in his vehicle.

The officer observed an aluminum can, cut in half, on the dashboard and from his training, knew that was related to drug use.

The vehicle was searched and the officer found a Q-Tip container with six bindles inside, tightly wrapped in plastic. They allegedly contained a brown powder which the officer thought to be heroin.

The powder found in the bindles and in the can weighed about 3.2 grams with packaging.

Maurer allegedly admitted he purchased the heroin from the metro area, admitting he was a addict.

If convicted, Maurer faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine.