Minutes September

The Swanville School Board held its regular meeting on September 10th, 2013 in the High School Library. Board Members present were Jay Loven, Kathy Beckman, Chris Kircher, Todd Jackson, and Rick Gutormson. Arriving late was member Jeff Opelia. Administrator Harthan, and some staff were present.
Chair Jay Loven called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.
Motion made by Beckman and seconded by Gutormson to approve the agenda for this meeting. Motion carried.
Motion made by Kircher and seconded by Jackson to approve the minutes of the August 13th board meeting. Motion carried.
ALC report:
26 students from 6 districts are being served.
Budget expenditures are at 5% ytd.
October 4th – Early Release
October 17th and 18th, 2013- No School – Ed MN Conference.
7-12 Principals Report:
A proposal was presented and approved to purchase the Olweus bully prevention program.
Students will be attending We Day on October 8 to celebrate volunteerism.
Students will also be participating in MyDrive, which is a type of seat belt challenge program.
Elementary Principals Report :
1. Open House was well attended.
2. Opening Day Activities included Jammin Minutes and popsicles.
3. The 6th grade will be attending the annual Water Festival at Camp Ripley on September 18.
4. Fall benchmarking on Aims Web will be weeks of September 9-12 for reading and September 16-19 for math.
5. Grades 4-6 will be going to Deep Portage this year in the spring. The actual dates are not set yet.
6. We ended up with 1 section of Kindergarten, 2 sections of 1st grade, 1 section of 3rd grade, 1 3rd/ 4th combination, 1 section of 4th grade, 1 section of 5th grade, and 1 section of 6th grade.
7. Release time starts September 19 and ends April 14.
8. Grades 4-6 are supplied with planners, and encouraged to use them.
9. We are doing the Caught Being Good again this year.
10. Because of increased interest, we are adding a second section of Pre-school Pals.
11. We are hoping to get the Morrison County Families program started here.
12. We started 4th graders in band this year.
13. Clubs Choice Kick-off will be Wednesday, September 18.
Ehlers informed the board on who was the winning bidder of the sales of the Aid Anticipation Certificates and at what interest rate.
Motion made by Loven seconded by Beckman to approve the SEA Contract for 2013 – 2015. Motion carried.
Administrator Harthan informed the board that negotiations with the Non-Certified is up next, the board tabled the discussions until the next board meeting.
Motion made by Kircher seconded by Gutormson to set The Truth-in-taxation hearing for December 10th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Districts High School Library. Motion carried.
Motion made by Gutormson and seconded by Jackson to certify the maximum allowable tax levy for taxes payable 2014. It should be noted that this levy will be less than 2013. Motion carried.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Kircher to approve the census takers Carol Dold and Nona Koester and the compensation is $1.00 per name. Motion carried.
Administrator Harthan discussed future enrollment numbers, MCA Test results, and the Love and Logic Workshop with the board.
Motion made by Jackson and seconded by Gutormson to pay the bills in the amount of $71,352.00. Motion carried. Check numbers 71974 – 72057.
Motion made by Kircher and seconded by Opelia to approve electronic transfers of $16,823.41 on August 20th, 2013 and $21,727.48 on September 5th,, 2013. Motion carried.
Meeting was closed at 8:06 p.m. to discuss personnel issues and reopened at 8:22 p.m.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Beckman to adjourn meeting at 8:23 p.m. Motion carried.

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