Swanville man arrested for possession of drugs

Thomas Theodore Kliber, 59, Swanville, was charged Oct. 2 in the Morrison County District Court, with one felony count of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.

On July 8, a Morrison County Sheriff’s deputy reported to the Central Minnesota Violent Offenders Task Force that a concerned citizen had told the Sheriff’s Office Kliber was growing marijuana at his body shop in Sobieski. The citizen had turned over a baggie full of marijuana allegedly from the shop.

On July 22, the investigator contacted another person who allegedly told him the same thing. He also said that people would come to the shop to purchase the marijuana from Kliber.

On July 25, the investigator went to the Sobieski Body Shop and found a red trailer which contained four marijuana plants about three-feet tall.

In another part of the property, it looked as if fresh dirt had been moved as if someone had dug up some plants.

A search warrant was signed July 26 for the property known as the Sobieski Body Shop and on July 29, several officers executed the warrant.

Kliber allegedly agreed to show the officers where all the marijuana was on his property. He also emptied his pockets and pulled out a wooden pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana and a baggie he told officers contained marijuana.

Kliber allegedly gave a voluntary statement admitting to growing and possessing marijuana on the property. According to the criminal complaint, he said he shared it with his brothers and various friends, but denied selling it.

More than 15 baggies of marijuana were found on the property, plus the four plants in the trailer. The total weight came to more than 42.5 grams, making the crime a felony.

If convicted, Kliber faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.