LF residents say goodbye to 114th Transportation Company (Wolfpack)

katie_afgahnistanFamilies from Little Falls were on hand to say farewell to Katie Waldvogel as she deployed for Afghanistan Oct. 13, from Chisholm. The company will be preparing for two months at Fort Hood in Texas and leave for Afghanistan the early part of December. A ceremony was held at the Chisholm High School Oct. 12, and a lunch followed at the Chisholm Armory. Katie’s husband, Adam Waldvogel, is currently serving in Afghanistan as well. Pictured are, front row (from left): Mary Smith, Suzy Smith, Nancy Waldvogel and Lori Wilczek. Back row: Lillie Carr, Abby Carr, Anne Rush, George Rush, Katie Waldvogel, Cooper Waldvogel, Faye Santala, Benji Santala, Ellie Rush, Bruce Waldvogel, Erin Hanson, Carson Waldvogel and Sam Waldvogel. Not pictured: Jaime Waldvogel and Cody Waldvogel.

katie-cooperAt right, Cooper Waldvogel gets one more hug from his mom, Katie.