Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Sept. 26 — A gas station in Cushing reported a gas drive-off.

Sept. 28 — A resident on Azalea Road in Motley reported a theft.

Sept. 29 — A business on Highway 238 in Bowlus reported riders on a party bus caused $300 worth of damage to items in the establishment.

Sept. 29 — A convenience store in Royalton reported someone pumped $51.32 worth of gasoline and drove off without paying.

Sept. 29 — A convenience store in Pierz reported someone pumped $59.39 worth of gasoline and drove off without paying for it.

Sept. 30 — A residence on Grouse Road, Little Falls, was broken into and a flat screen TV stolen.

Sept. 30 — Someone stole a brass urn located at a gravesite in Darling Cemetery, Little Falls.

Sept. 30 — A resident on Hillcrest Street in Upsala reported their property had been damaged.

Oct. 1 — A resident on Belle Pine Drive in Little Falls reported someone had been stealing large pumpkins from their field on 160th Avenue.

Oct. 3 — A business on 320th Street in Cushing reported a gas drive-off in the amount of $23.36.

Oct. 5 — A vehicle parked at 100th Street in Swanville was pushed by another vehicle into a power pole, causing damage to the vehicle.

Oct. 7 — Someone hit a stop sign on 260th Avenue and 93rd Street, knocking it to the ground.

Oct. 9 — A resident on Lake Road in Pierz reported 15 steers, some black in color, some white and some red, were missing from their property.

Oct. 9 — Someone stole a jet ski trailer from a residence on Sullivan Drive in Hillman.

Oct. 10 — A car, containing the owner’s wallet and $40 cash, was stolen from a residence on Second Street North in Flensburg, and later found parked on 234rd Street west of County Road 45.

Oct. 10 — A van was stolen from a property on Highway 28 in Swanville and later recovered behind a bar in Flensburg.

Oct. 11 — A snowmobile trailer was stolen from a residence on 345th Avenue in Foley, when it was parked across the road from the Ramey Store. The snowmobile trailer is a Range galvanized two-place trailer, 8-foot by 10-foot, with an obvious repair to the right rear corner with a new tail light. Oct. 11 — A resident on Rhoda Avenue in Swanville reported a scam. The resident received a $2,000 check in the mail with a note asking the resident to cash the check and send back some of the money. The resident cashed the check and spent a small amount of money and is receiving phone calls from someone in another country about sending money to them. The sheriff’s office advised the resident that the check would come back as fraudulent and the resident would have to repay the bank any money spent.

Oct. 11 — A 2007 Nissan Altima was stolen from a residence in rural Swanville off of Cable Road and was later recovered when it was found parked at a business in the city of Swanville.

Oct. 14 — A mini-excavator was stolen from a job site on 50th Avenue in Swanville. The excavator was an orange Hitachi with a two-toothed rock bucket, with a radiator positioned on the top of the cab, making it unique.

Oct. 14 — Someone stole a Stihl MS250 chain saw with a 16-inch bar, valued at $350, and a black NAPA 40-amp battery charger, valued at $100.

Oct. 14 — A resident on DeGraff Avenue in Swanville reported a theft.

Oct. 16 — A resident on Highway 27 in Pierz reported a theft.