Two charged with receiving stolen property

Jason Ray Goebel, 24,  Little Falls, and Chea Elizabeth Erickson, 21, Royalton, were charged in District Court Oct. 10, with one felony count of receiving stolen property each.

On Aug. 12, a Little Falls resident went to the Little Falls Police Station to report five rings were stolen from her residence. She told the officer that when she discovered they were missing, she went to a local pawn shop and discovered four of her missing rings.

The victim was allegedly told the rings were pawned by Goebel and Erickson.

The officer retrieved the rings, valued at several thousand dollars, from the pawn shop and placed them into evidence.

On Aug. 28, Erickson and Goebel gave taped statements regarding the rings. Goebel said he received the rings from a young person who asked the two to pawn the rings for him. Erickson’s statement was similar.

When asked why they didn’t think it was odd that a young person had the rings, Goebel allegedly said that he thought they may be stolen, but they pawned them anyway.

Both Goebel and Erickson allegedly admitted what they did was wrong.

If convicted, Erickson and Goebel each face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.