New, Used and Beyond opens in Little Falls

Pam Gilson offers an eclectic smattering of first- and second-hand items  

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Pam Gilson, and her St. Cloud cousin, Cindy Brownell, have opened another secondhand shop in Little Falls. While some have come and gone, New, Used and Beyond is one that just may stick around.

When walking into the shop, one is amazed at how large an area it is. The outside betrays the square footage. The many rooms, all tastefully decorated and arranged, has the customer wanting to see more.

Gilson has filled one room with women in mind. There are purses, toiletries, jewelry, clothing and more.

Pam Gilson, owner of New, Used and Beyond, shows off one of several rooms at New, Used and Beyond in Little Falls. The shop is an eclectic collection of both new and used items, consigned and from vendors, for every taste.
Pam Gilson, owner of New, Used and Beyond, shows off one of several rooms at her shop in Little Falls. The store is an eclectic collection of both new and used items, both consigned and from vendors, for every taste.

Another room is for children. There she has more clothing, books, dolls, videos and bedding.

Keep moving through the shop and find a men’s room with more clothing, scents, sporting items and tools.

Another area is for more seasonal items.

“Can’t keep items in stock,” she said. “They are flying out the door.”

With winter coming, she said that cold-weather clothing is another very popular item. She is also having trouble keeping those in stock.

Throughout are pieces of furniture, some small, others large. They are used to display items, but are for sale.

When asked why she chose to open her shop in Little Falls, a town that is already filled with secondhand stores, Gilson said that with the economy the way it is, people are looking for a deal. They are also wanting to make some extra money.

“Just recently, four new secondhand shops opened in St. Cloud,” she said.

Gilson and Brownell used to consign product with other shops.

“We kept adding other people to the mix,” she said. “When Cindy and I looked at our finances, we decided it would be a better idea, financially, to open our own place.”

New, Used and Beyond takes consignment items. Gilson splits the revenue 50 – 50. She also buys items outright, lessening the hassle for her consignees and the paperwork for herself.

She also rents space to vendors who don’t want to split the proceeds with the store.

New, Used and Beyond is constantly changing its stock. When something new or unique comes into the store, Gilson will take its picture and post it on the store’s Facebook page. She has received a large following through social media.

New, Used and Beyond is located at 200 First Street N.E., across from the Little Falls Police Station. It is open six days a week: Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Call (320) 632-2909 for more information.