Pierz will eliminate utility clerk position to replace it with a deputy clerk

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

The administration of Pierz will be restructured beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

The Council voted Oct. 14 to eliminate its utility billing clerk position and hire a deputy clerk.

City Administrator Anna Gruber said she had included money for the position in her budget, which would be 30 hours of work or less per week, with no benefits offered.

The concern, said Mayor Toby Egan, is that Gruber’s duties have increased as the Council asks her to do more and more. “She’s being overwhelmed with what we’re asking,” he said.

The mayor indicated the Council wanted her out in the community and writing grants.

Gruber will add utility billing to her own duties, as well as some accounting duties former treasurer Maureen Watercott had done that were over and above what a city treasurer was required to do.

“Maureen was doing a lot more than any of us even realized,” said Egan. “It’s a big job and Anna is going to continue with that work.”

Egan indicated it was difficult for Gruber to get anything done, “Especially when she’s in the office and continually having people come in and getting phone calls.”

The new position in assisting Gruber, calls for a person who can perform accounting duties, public relations, grant writing, marketing, website maintenance, project coordination and community planning, with knowledge of a lengthy list of items.

The position will begin Jan. 1, 2014. Current utility billing clerk, Wanda Lund-blad, will be able to apply for the deputy clerk position if she so desires.