Little Falls woman dies as the result of RV accident

A Little Falls woman died as the result of falling out of an RV Sunday morning, Oct. 27, in the city of Randall.

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Department reported that at about 2:45 a.m., when the RV she was riding in began to move, Ashley Marie Cannon, 26, apparently fell against the interior of the door of the RV, causing it to open. She fell onto the pavement and struck her head. Morrison County deputies rendered emergency medical care to the young woman, who was transported to St. Gabriel’s Hospital by ambulance, and later to St. Cloud Hospital. Deputies learned she died later that day due to her injuries.

The RV was being driven at the time by Michael Schwientek, 29, Little Falls.

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said the incident remains under investigation. “While there was no sign of impairment obvious with the driver, the incident remains under investigation,” said Wetzel.