Pierz community celebrates ‘National Red Ribbon Week’

Week meant to promote safe, healthy, drug-free community

 During the week of Oct. 28, Pierz will be honoring National Red Ribbon Week both in the school and community.

Red Ribbon Week is a way to unite youths and their community to take a visible stand to promote safe, healthy and drug-free communities. The Red Ribbon symbolizes the sacrifice of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent  who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs to keep our country and children safe.

Students at the Pierz High School will have the opportunity to show their support by wearing a red ribbon and signing a pledge to live drug-free. In addition, local businesses will hang a poster in their window promoting their support and commitment to empower a drug-free community.

Trick-or-treaters visiting Pierz Foods Halloween night will also receive a goodie-bag symbolizing Red Ribbon Week put together by the EPIC Student Group at school. EPIC stands for Encouraging Positive Influences and Choices and is part of a collaborative effort with the Pierz Area Coalition and Morrison County Public Health to promote healthy communities.

Everyone is invited to celebrate Red Ribbon Week by showing their commitment to a drug-free lifestyle by empowering the youths in the own life to live drug-free on their journey of achieving their hopes and dreams.