Don’t make alley for one business

To the Editor:

Recently, the Little Falls City Council voted 5-3, to make an alley on our block. This block, which is across from the Fitness Connection, has a restaurant, an ambulance service and a glass company who owns half of it.

The glass company owns over an acre of land on our block and its owner asked the city to open up an alley for its convenience. This convenience burns up a long 10-foot strip of the restaurant’s and the ambulance service’s land. And, city taxpayers will bear the cost of the alley construction as well as its maintenance.

We couldn’t disagree more with the vote of the Council. In our opinion, if the owners of any block in the city of Little Falls have access to both an avenue and a street, taxpayers should not be asked to supply them with an alley.

We wish to thank Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem, Council President Don Klinker, and Councilperson Frank Gosiak for voting against the alley. Their votes show respect for individual property rights and an attempt to be good stewards of our tax dollars. — Ron and Kess Lyschik, Zoomski’s Midtown Café, Little Falls

  • Carmen

    I don’t understand why the Little Falls City Council feels that it’s a good use of the city’s money to build any type of alley for one private business. Two businesses are opposed and one in favor, logic says you go with the two not the one. I have noticed that the one business in favor is in higher grounds than the other two, so my question is: who will be responsible for run off? Is the city also going to pay for that, or do they expect the two businesses who are opposed and in lower ground to pay for it? Is any kind of environmental impact assessment being done? Or is the city going by the non-expertise of one of its members, that water will somehow not run down hill? We have seen some flooding in the area already and there is no alley yet, so how can anyone decide it not a possibility? The last thing we need is someone having to take legal action if this causes damages to the two businesses that are opposed to the alley. A democracy survives if the majority rules, and I don’t mean the City Council of Little Falls’ majority. If we have money to waste, how about using the money to help the Boys and Girls Club instead. I’m sure they could use all the money the city is trying to find a use for. Helping the children of Little Falls is a good thing, helping one private business not so much. My next question is, why does a company whose property is next to three streets need an alley also? Or did the city council miss that?