Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Oct. 17 — A resident on 285th Avenue in Lastrup reported someone had broken the latch on their shed in the backyard. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Oct. 17 — A resident on Third Avenue Southwest reported that they believed their door had been pried open as there were scratches on the lock face, although no damage to the outer door.

Oct. 17 — A resident on 320th Street in Cushing reported a possible scam. Someone has been calling the resident saying they owe money and need to wire it immediately. The area code is somewhere in St. Louis, Mo.

Oct. 18 — A resident on Imperial Road in Royalton reported a possible scam. Someone called claiming they were an officer from another state and that the resident’s grandson was in jail and that they needed to send $2,500 by money gram to have the charges dropped.

Oct. 18 — A resident on 120th Avenue in Little Falls reported a possible scam. A person called the resident asking for bank and other personal information.

Oct. 20 — Six mailboxes on 160th Avenue in Little Falls and two on Hawthorn Road in Little Falls were damaged.

Oct. 22 — A resident on 170th Avenue in Royalton reported a theft by swindle. The resident gave a contractor $10,000 for materials to roof a house and garage on a property they recently purchased. No paperwork was signed and although the resident requested a contract be drawn up, it was not done. Work continued for two months and the contractor asked for additional money, which the resident refused. The resident, not happy with the work, asked to sit down with the contractor, who then left and quit working on the job.

Oct. 23 — Someone hit a stop sign at the intersection of 210th Avenue and Nature Road in Royalton.

Oct. 23 — A resident on Quest Road in Pierz reported a theft.

Oct. 24 — Approximately 615 feet of copper irrigation wire on an irrigation system on 83rd Street and Highway 10 in Royalton, was stolen or damaged. Damages were estimated at several thousand dollars.

Oct. 24 — A resident on Highway 25 in Buckman reported a theft.
Oct. 25 — Twelve vehicles in Bowlus were broken into. Nothing was stolen from most of the vehicles, but center consoles and glove boxes were open. All vehicles had been unlocked and no damage was done to the vehicles. Some of the items stolen from several vehicles included a Sprint cellphone charger; DVDs, sunglasses, bank information and music CDs, $150 black/red Chevy jacket and loose change.