Questions source of guest column

To the Editor:

I would question the source of information of last week’s guest columnist. I never heard any of the Republicans say they would not negotiate, but every time Barack Obama was in front of a camera, he said he would not negotiate. That sounds like it was Obama who was responsible for the shutdown.

When George W. Bush was president, Obama said that it was un-American to raise the debt ceiling, but now he claims it is un-American not to raise the debt ceiling. So which is it?

During the shutdown, Democrat President Obama closed the National Mall and the World War II Memorial to Americans, but opened the mall up to illegal aliens to protest America. If that is what the Democrats want to hang their hat on, be my guest.

President Obama claims he didn’t know about Fast and Furious, Benghazi or the NSA’s spying on our European allies. If not knowing anything is the Obama legacy, then the Democrats can own it. — Walter Edin, Burtrum

  • Rick Witte

    Well Walter it seems that everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if you disagree as you obviously do. While the GOP did not use the word negotiate, they certainly gave that impression by their rhetoric. They stood firm on their desire to defund the ACA, which essentially came to mean the same. They would only entertain and agreement which they knew full well would not be accepted.

    While Ms. Bachmann stood firm with those Iowa Veterans and blamed the Administration for shutting down the Mall, what did they expect the shutdown to mean? Shutdown means shutdown with only necessary programs continuing. Memorials are not classified as essential so therefore they were not operating. It seems that the GOP wanted to shutdown the government except for those operations and programs which would make them look bad.

    Stand up Walter and take responsibility for what they do in your name.

    • Josh

      The house of representatives was doing there job and they get lambasted for it! It is there job to stop funding on a bill or bills that are unconstitutional. And frankly Obamacare is no matter what way you want to spin it. As you know for the first time in our history we are forced to buy something from the government or get fined. Now that is the only way the bill made it through was because it was considered a tax and not a fine but we all know it Is a fine, or at least a lot of us know. Do you realize they allowed Muslim groups in the mall? Do you really think they needed to shut down a memorial but yet keep departments such as the department of energy or education open? Make you stand up and do the same as in your own logic I can blame you for Obamacare and all those who now have higher premiums can blame you also as well as everyone else who voted for Obama twice.