Royalton football team and fans lauded for good sportsmanship

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

The Royalton School Board recently learned that the football team and fans made a strong impression with their good sportsmanship at a game played at West Central Area (WCA), Sept. 20.

Tammie Olson of Ashby is the WCA team photographer, so she spends football games right down on the sidelines. After witnessing the good sportsmanship of the Royalton football team at WCA’s homecoming game, she felt compelled to post a glowing tribute on her Facebook page.

“Was anyone else besides me impressed by Royalton’s sportsmanship last night?” she wrote. “They put us through the ringer but there was hardly any celebration when they got touchdowns, interceptions or hard hits. And when one of our guys went down, they immediately got together quietly, took a knee and faced the man down. Hats off to them and their coaching staff.”

Royalton School Board Member Jeff Swenson brought this to the Board’s attention and congratulated the team at the board meeting, Oct. 21.

Olson’s comments spurred a flurry of complimentary posts from other WCA parents and fans.

“I thought I was the only one who noticed,” said Olson. “But when I posted on Facebook, the response was overwhelming. We’ve had a really rough season and nobody else’s sportsmanship compared to Royalton’s.”

After an email Olson sent to Royalton High School was posted on Royalton’s Facebook page, local fans responded. Karla Popp wrote, “Very proud of this team, these kids are great sportsmen. Huge thank-you to Jamie Morford and all the coaching team. These coaches have taught these kids to have respect and a good attitude.”

Praise was also given in Royalton posts for the upperclassmen’s modeled behavior, Principal Joel Swenson’s leadership and to team parents.

“Royalton was so classy; it was unbelievable,” Olson said. “I’m so happy to see coaches and boys who behave that way.”