Voters say yes to referendums in Little Falls, Staples Motley districts

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

Voters approved the Little Falls School District referendum renewal 1,246 (71 percent) to 505.

In the Staples School District, voters approved both questions on the ballot.

The first, to renew the existing referendum, passed 872 (69.10 percent) to 390.

The second question, to increase the district’s general education revenue by an additional $185 per pupil,  was approved with 778 (61.99 percent) voters saying yes and 477, no.

In the Staples Motley district, property with a market value of $150,000 is expected to have no increase in its levy dollars for question 1, and with the approval of question 2, the school district portion of the property tax statement would normally see a $46.19 increase.

But, Supt. Mark Schmitz said before the vote, that won’t happen.

He said the school district will keep local property taxes the same if one or both questions are approved. The district will lower its other levies to ensure there is no further impact to district residents.

Because voters approved both measures on the ballot, Staples Motley will receive $512,000 from the state.

In the Little Falls district, the renewal of the 2004 referendum authority, payable beginning in 2015, means the district will continue receiving the $2.5 million annually it has for the past nine years.

And even though the district will receive the same amount of money, district residents will pay less on the school portion of their property taxes, than they have been since 2004.

It is estimated that a property in the Little Falls School District with a market value of $150,000 will see a decrease of about $79 on the school levy portion of its property taxes.