Letter to the Editor: Democracy being sabotaged

To the Editor:

In 1933, the year Hitler began ruling Germany, a plot was hatched to install a fascist dictatorship in America.

A cabal of millionaire bankers and industrialists conspired to install a fascist “secretary of general affairs” in the White House to hijack Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency.

Their basic mistake was approaching popular war hero, retired Major General Smedley Butler, to transform the American Legion veteran’s group into a 500,000-man army to spearhead the government takeover.

The plot was foiled. After pretending to play along, General Butler notified President Roosevelt.

The McCormack-Dickstein congressional panel verified the conspiracy. The Philadelphia Record newspaper published plotters’ names, right-wingers in the Morgan and DuPont financial empires opposed to President Roosevelt’s labor/New Deal economic reforms benefiting ordinary Americans — (but with) no prosecutions, the conspiracy hushed.

Today witness the sabotaging of our democracy and president by a small faction, the defiant congressional tea-party Republicans, a creation of the Tea Party-bankrolling, multi-billionaire Koch brothers, networking with like-minded, super-wealthy funders of money-funneling “SuperPACs.”

They’ve shut down our government, risked worldwide economic catastrophe and forced mad “sequester” budget cuts, now plotting smashing anything recalling the New Deal, including Social Security and food assistance, while gifting multi-billionaires. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls