Letter to the Editor: Education needs DFL, GOP help

To the Editor:

The Morrison County DFL Chairman (MCDFLC) in his Oct. 27, 2013, column said Republicans caused the shutdown by refusing to compromise. Actually, it was Obama and the Democrats who said they “would not negotiate” and the Tea Party that wanted to defund or delay Obamacare.  The Republicans were hapless enablers. Democrats are now asking for a delay themselves. But I digress.

The column also noted, “DFLers have placed a high importance on education.” In the Sept. 1 ECM editorial, the ECM Editorial Board asked all of us to support a state plan for making improvements to the Minnesota school system.

Let’s all demand the MCDFLC and our Republican senator and representative regularly advise us all in this newspaper exactly what the Republicans and Democrats are doing to advance/hinder the development and implementation of such a plan. Rather than taking five-10 years to develop the plan, why don’t they just start with the Sept. 1 editorial, add their own improvements, and then implement it.

If they cannot, will not, do this for improved education, we should vote for the Tea Party, who are willing to at least try to reform our government. —Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls