Letter to the Editor: GOP speaker to blame for shutdown

To the Editor:

I’m not sure if people are not aware of how our government works, or just don’t care. First for people to say that the president or Democrats are to blame for the shutdown is untrue. The president doesn’t have power to spend money or make laws. His power is to sign or veto these issues when they come from Congress. Nothing came to his desk to support or reject, to prevent the shutdown. Words that he spoke on this issue are only words, not action, so he didn’t shut down the government.

The Senate passed a bi-partisan continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government going. This was a clean resolution and the House didn’t like that. The person in the House that has the power to bring issues to the floor to vote on is the Speaker, Rep. John Boehner, Republican. His excuse was he didn’t have the votes to pass the CR. It is not in his power to vote for other members; he should have brought it up for a vote.

So when we look at the facts, and not listen to all the talk, who is responsible for the shutdown. It was the Speaker, Rep. John Boehner, Republican. — Jim Storlie, Little Falls