Lindstrom arrested on drug charges

The Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force arrested 20-year-old Christian Lee Lindstrom of Little Falls Wednesday, for third degree controlled substance crimes.

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said over the last eight months, investigators have purchased a quantity of heroin from Lindstrom in the Little Falls area.

Recent reports from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, along with observations from Minnesota law enforcement officials, show that heroin use has increased substantially over the past two years.

Wetzel said, “We need more people to be sent to prison for heroin sales in order for us to realize a drop in its availability on our streets.  Far too many people are receiving stayed sentences and local county jail time rather than going to prison. Until we start seeing a change in how those who sell drugs are sentenced, I fear we will continue to see increased availability on our streets.”

Lindstrom is currently in custody in the Morrison County Jail awaiting formal charges. Deputies from the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office and Little Falls Police Officers assisted in the investigation and arrest.