Ricocheting bullets cause injuries to Burtrum and Foley men

Two men, one from rural Burtrum and another from Foley, were injured when bullets from hunters’ rifles ricocheted.

On Nov. 10, Bruce Edward Barthel of rural Burtrum was in his yard by his garage in the afternoon, when a group of hunters making a drive shot at a deer. Barthel heard what appeared to be a slug ricochet off something  before it hit him in the leg. He was treated at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls and released.

On Nov. 13, Daniel Szcech, 32, of Foley, was struck in the neck by a bullet. He had been hunting with his brother in Alberta Township about 1 p.m. The brothers were walking parallel to one another, when Szcech’s brother shot at a deer in front of him. The bullet missed the deer, hit a hard object and ricocheted back at Szcech.

Szcech was treated at St. Cloud Hospital for serious, but non-life threatening injuries and was later released.