Morrison County Arrest Warrants, Nov. 4-8

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel reports that arrest warrants were issued for the following people. Those with information as to the whereabouts of anyone on the list, is asked to contact the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office at (320) 632-9233 or toll-free at 1 (866) 401-1111, ext. 180. The dates of issuance were Nov. 4 – 8.

• Sara Lyn Ballou, Randall; burglary, felony.

• Shane Leigh Blenker, Albany; controlled substance, felony; DWI, misdemeanor.

• Candace Kay Dik, Brainerd; forged check, gross misdemeanor.

• Andrew Jerrod Engman, Brainerd; drugs, felony.

• Roger Richard Hodgman, Little Falls; drugs, felony.

• Christina Lynn Litzau, Little Falls; drugs, felony.

• Troy Maris Oberton, Little Falls; terroristic threats, felony; assault.

• Dennis John Orozco, Little Falls; controlled substance, felony; driving after cancellation, gross misdemeanor; DWI, misdemeanor; traffic accidents.