Morrison County Sheriff’s Office to provide emergency alerts for county residents

Everbridge, the leading provider of critical communication solutions, today announced that Morrison County, Minnesota will begin using Everbridge for mass notification to citizens, fire departments and first responders. Morrison County, home to more than 32,000 residents, plans to use Everbridge for storms, missing persons, fugitive alerts, utility failures and other emergencies.

Previously, Morrison County used a pager system only to notify fire departments and first responders during emergencies. With the Everbridge solution, Morrison County can send broad alerts to these responders, as well as all area residents based on location or other criteria. Everbridge’s reporting features will allow Morrison County to confirm receipt of notifications, insuring that residents are reached during an emergency.

In addition to emergency information, Morrison County may also use Everbridge to notify residents about snow removal, traffic and other incidents in their area. Residents will be able to sign up for alerts through the county’s opt in portal and choose which types of notifications they would like to receive. They can also select preferred delivery paths for messages, including landlines, mobile phones, text messages and email. The ability to deliver messages through multiple channels is especially important in situations where some communication methods might be compromised, for example during winter storms. Everbridge contact preferences can be updated at any time, enabling residents to change their preferences as their needs change. Additionally, Everbridge does not sell or provide your phone information to any other company or vendor.

“It would be great to see everybody in the county enrolled” said Scott MacKissock, Emergency Manager for Morrison County. “If we’ve got severe weather, if we need to notify people about missing children or vulnerable adults, or if we’ve got something serious happening where we have to shelter in place, we’ll use Everbridge.”

County residents can read more about the program, and most importantly, sign up for the alerts, on the county’s website at . Click on the “Morrison County Citizen Alert Signup” tab located on the top left of the home page. Sheriff Michel Wetzel is encouraging all residents to sign up so they don’t miss important public safety information. For those without a computer he suggests asking for help from a friend, family member, or neighbor. If they only have a landline phone and are not adding a cell phone or email, it is not necessary to enroll. Your published phone number is already loaded into the system.

Further information about Everbridge Mass Communications Systems can be accessed at