Blame Obama, Dayton for health-care fiasco

By Sen. Paul Gazelka, Guest Columnist

On Thursday afternoon (Nov. 14), President Obama held a press conference at the White House announcing his decision to allow insurance companies to continue canceled health plans for one year, even though they may not meet requirements stated in the Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare). This decision essentially amends a law already enacted and without consent of Congress.

As a result in Minnesota, Gov. Dayton and the Commerce Commissioner will have authority to determine how to proceed in dealing with the Obamacare disaster.

Unfortunately for us, Gov. Dayton believes that President Obama’s healthcare decision reversal was the right thing to do for Minnesotans. We must never forget that President Obama lied to the American people and Gov. Dayton is perpetuating this lie to Minnesotans on behalf of the president. President Obama promised that Americans could keep their health plans and doctors if they chose to, but the truth is, we can’t. The bottom line is Obamacare is bad public policy for Minnesotans and all Americans. You deserve better.

Each year, Minnesota health insurers undergo a rigorous regulatory process at the Department of Commerce to have their rates and products approved. Health plan products were changed this year to meet Obamacare requirements.

Insurance companies have been planning for more than three years to deal with the impact of this train wreck known as Obamacare. Now, at the last minute, the president wants to give Americans the option to keep policies they have already canceled. We’re in the ninth inning and the president thinks he can change the rules of the game.

Let’s pretend for a moment that President Obama’s proposals will take more than unilateral action. Amending laws must undergo an entire legislative process. All of us have taken basic civics classes in school, and we all know a president cannot unilaterally change the law. Our forefathers created a constitutional republic in America and that must always be honored, cherished and defended.

President Obama and Democrats have made a lot of promises they couldn’t keep. They promised lower premiums, but premiums are increasing. They promised you can keep your doctor, but we know that not to be true. They promised you could keep your health insurance; millions of people are losing their health insurance entirely.

So, who is going to be blamed here? At the end of the day, the blame must continue to rest on President Obama and Gov. Dayton who forced Obamacare onto the American people.


Sen. Paul Gazelka represents Minnesota Senate District 9, which includes Morrison County. He can be reached at (651) 296-5774.

  • Erik Warner

    What’s Sen Gazelka’s day job again? Oh, that’s right. He must have forgot to mention that, as an insurance agent, he just might have a vested interest in all of this.

  • Josh

    So Erik you are OK with Obama forcing you to buy insurance? Do you think Mr. Gazelka got into the insurance business because he knew that there would be socialized healthcare when he first started? I understand your point you are trying to make, but I don’t think Mr. Gazelka had a choice in what has gone on here. The government has made a monopoly out of insurance companies, but just wait until they try to push a single payer system, we are then even more in a hole. Say goodbye to your freedoms as everything we do can be tied into our health, the way we drive, way and what we eat, where we eat, get the point?